How to Clean a Room By Jared Naylor

1. Sort through your clothes and other random items on your floor and put them away.

Pick up your clothes off of the ground so you don’t trip over them because you don’t want to look like a fool. Also, sort the dirty clothes pile away from your clean ones. Then put all your dirty clothes in a basket and put them in the washer.

2. Organize your clothes in your room, by putting them away in your closet.

Clean out your closet get rid of garbage and old clothes. Make sure your clothes hanging. Make sure that there are no dirty clothes in there because they will make your clean ones stink. Then clean everything on the ground in your closet.

3. Get rid of clothes that you don’t care about and that have been in there since you were a little kid.

They are way too small to even wear them so why even keep them “80% of what we keep we never use,” (Simply Orderly). There is no point in keeping clothes you had from when you were 5 years old so throw them away. “We wear 20 % of the clothes we own 80% of the time,” (Simply Orderly). Grab a garbage bag and put all your old clothes in there and donate them.

4. Use a vacuum.

Clean up your disgusting room!

Clean all the leftover food on the floor!

Then you can finally see the floor, vacuum it!!!

5. Clean your windows and mirrors.

Make your windows clean so you can actually see through them. Also, clean the dirty mirrors and make it so you can see in your mirror. Make sure to get rid of all the fingerprints.

6. You should also make your unorganized and messy bed.

Toss all your dirty blankets and sheets. Get the cleaned blankets and sheets. Make your bed!

How to Clean Your Room

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