Raise The Debt Cieling By Remy


2011 | Comedy

“Bail out all kind of cars, got all kind of whips. -- Ladies ask me how I get ’em, I tell ’em stimulus!"


  • Remy was born in DC to Iraqi and Lebanese parents, and grew up in Virginia.
  • He garnered attention with youtube videos of his alter ego Iraqi comic Habib Abdul Habib.
  • Find out more about Remy here: http://www.goremy.com
  • This video has over 520,000 hits on YouTube and got Remy interviewed on several national news programs about the content of the song as well as his views about the debt ceiling.
  • Since 2010, Munasifi has partnered with Reason TV and the Reason Foundation to create libertarian parody videos.
  • Check out our other pages on his songs People Will Die & Courtesy Of The Red White & Blue.


Luke Tatum

"I've got a monetary plan and it involves a lot of toner!" This guy, man. Remy, the nation's finest libertarian comedic rapper. (Not that he limits himself to rap, mind you.) While I may have issues with Reason from time to time, the content that he cranks out is oh so fine. So Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen...beware. The eyes of Remy are upon you. So accurate, and so funny. As usual, the video also does an excellent job of making politicians look like fools. (Which they are.)

Sherry Voluntary

Haha! Remy drops the truth bombs once again with this accurately hilarious rap. “Dropping hundred dollar bills, and million dollar bombs.” This is so true. While politicians talk about us rolling up our sleeves and getting to work, they are devising new ways to rob us and spend the money on murdering for fun and profit, but no ordinary murders. They murder a lot of people at once and call it war which somehow magically makes it OK. The State is a cancer on man, and needs radical treatment.

Nicky P

Allow me to get all 'member berries on ya for a bit. 'Member when anyone in government at least pretended to care about the national debt? I 'member. We've literally had people try and manipulate a new monetary theory in an effort to pretend that debt doesn't matter. Modern Monetary Theory is the equivalent of playing a shell game with the money robbed from us. The problem with the debt is that it's not even robbed from my generation, we're robbing from generations to come. I want no part in a debt for things i dont want and can't decline service for. The sad thing is I didn't know the debt ceiling was a thing until the time i learned that it exists as nothing more than a token political football to punt.

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Nicky P

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