Ice Storm

What is an ice storm?

An ice storm is freezing rain that coats surfaces with a layer of clear ice. The rain cools and stays in liquid form, but when the rain reaches the surface it spreads and freezes quickly.


Ice storms can pull down trees and power lines. The ice can also split trees and turn roads into a sheet of ice. Ice storms can also cause car crashes and hypothermia.

Fast Facts

An inch coating of ice from a storm can add 7 pounds to a 20 foot power line. The National Weather Service describes ice storms as a deceptive killer. Many deaths that happen are caused indirectly by the storm.


  • Hypothermia is prolonged exposure to the cold.
  • Glaze ice is smooth and clear ice.


Created with images by Ninian Reid - "Caught in he jaws of an ice storm, New York."

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