Marriage Customs in Afghanistan By: Jocelyne Hall and Alyssa Welch

Marriage customs in Afghanistan are very different than they are here in America. For instance, the grooms family members and elders visit the brides family on a specific day. They bring with them sweets and gifts for the bride to be and money and clothing for the groom. The groom and his family must be able to financially provide for the bride as she is getting ready for the wedding. Includes all expenses of the wedding.

The afghan marriage customs demand to be spread out over a three day period.

The bride usually has two dresses. The bride wears a shade of purple at her engagement party, and a green dress as well as a white dress for the wedding.

Women may be married off as young as the age of 8, she may be allowed to reach puberty before serving her husband.

Typically men that can afford it, wear gold or silver wedding bands as the women are presented with silver and diamond engagement rings.

Usually a chicken or sheep are sacraficed near the bride on her wedding day. Then a brother, uncle, or father will spread some of the blood in the brides shoes. This ceramony signifies three things.

  1. The bride now belongs to the grooms family.
  2. She is now clean of any evil spirits she may be bringing into the family.
  3. She is pure.


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