The Rise and Spread of Christianity Part 2

Christianity grew rapidly after Constantine's conversion


Julian the Apostate was a fervently devoted pagan, and tried to "cure" Rome of it's Christianity.
You have conquered, o Galilean

Christianity becomes the official state religion under Theodosius I.

St. Antony


Why should we care?

Monasteries, monastic orders, and those in them would have a profound impact on Church-State relations, academic institutions, politics, and every day life ... it's worth taking a look at its roots so we can better understand events and relationships between church-state, church-society that happen later.

St. Pachomius -- Father of Communal Monastic Life

Monastic Communities

  • Building and living together
  • Led by an Abbot
  • Followed Written Rules
Religious Experimentation
Styelite movement & Holy Fool movement

Hagiography: Life of the Saints

Pope Gregory the Great - First elected pope

The first of many hagiographies to come, written by Bishop Athanasius of Alexandria
Look at all these halos!

These guys were celebrities!

The Western monastic communities were a little different than the Eastern ones...
  1. Smaller communities
  2. In towns
  3. ... "wimpy"
But now, Let's talk about SEX.
Or maybe... the lack thereof?
  • Abstinence from sexual activity
  • Increased in popularity
  • Roman pagans didn't understand...

ANYWAY, moving on

St. Augustine

  • Grew up a pagan, converted to Christianity later in life.
  • Studied Rhetoric in Carthage
  • Became Bishop of Hippo (didn't really care for the job)

Wrote two very influential, still studied and debated works: Confessions and City of God

Augustine's "City of God" was written in defense of Christianity...

After Rome was sacked by the Visigoths in 410

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