November 2019

Volume 4, Number 8

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

Good dreaming is what leads to good photographs―Wayne Miller

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Jeffry Booher

branded by light

Several years ago I helped stage a coup of this club. I was a member of a small revolt inside this club who thought it was not being managed properly and felt it was time for a regime change. Angela Andrieux, who you elected as incoming President, was one of those people. She was very instrumental in making the change possible. She even fired the first round―if you will. I am grateful to be leaving this club in her hands. She is a talented photographer and passionate about this club. I am thankful she stepped up to the task.

However, one of the very first things Terri and I did after successfully taking back the club was to put the club's brand first. And by that, I mean we started building the brand. Darkroomers is a brand and you should all to be aware of it when talking about the club or recognizing us in communication.

Too often I see Darkroomers misspelled, even by club members, and it irks me to no end. This is our club and we deserve to be treated with respect. So help us out by becoming more familiar with the club's properties. If you haven't done so, checkout the club's Style Guide. If you do work with the press then you might want to checkout the club's press kit.

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We need your help

The 2020 survey is now out and we need your input on the club. You will see this survey coming at you in several communications so get used to it. The survey is a great way to provide feedback about the club and what you want out of it next year. It takes less than 10 minutes and we care about your responses!

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The Planning Commission will be meeting on November 9th to plan programs for 2020. If you would like to be part of that commission then see Jeff or Angela and let them know. If you have ideas for programs, workshops, trips, lectures, or outings then forward your ideas to Jeff.

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remain still

Lauralee Humes

We have had a still life bonanza in October and to finish out the month we have Lauralee Humes stopping in to talk about her Still Life photography.

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portrait in b minor

Stan Lawrence

We kick off November with a talk from Legendary Photographer, Stan Lawrence. Stan will be demonstrating several techniques in portraiture and facial analysis.

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Playtime by Jeff Booher

Put on your walking shoes and bring your long lenses because Darkroomers is going on safari at the World Famous San Diego Zoo. Our annual zoo outing takes place on Saturday, November 9th and fun will be had by all. We meet the entrance at 8:30am and finish with lunch at Noon.

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Dave and Angela

Congratulations to Dave Ciha and Angela Andrieux! Dave steps in as club Treasurer next year and Angela marks her return to the club by taking over at the helm as club President. Let's make 2020 a great year so show our support for Dave and Angela!

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Daisy by Joan Everds

Congratulations Joan Everds who will be the featured photographer at an upcoming show at the Noonsook gallery. Wine and cheese will be served at the Artists Reception which takes place on Friday, November 8th from 6-8P. This is a free event.

Nainsook Gallery ● 8130 La Mesa Blvd ● La Mesa, CA ● 619.303.8060

scacc news

SCACC has its regular bi-monthly meeting on Tuesday November 5th at 7P. On the agenda for the meeting will be more building issues, cleanup and marketing crap. It is not known if SDPC will be attending the meeting but this will be the final meeting of their existence.

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SCACC has purchased new tables which will be replacing the old pre-war tables. The old tables were donated to SCACC by Parks and Rec and made of steel and real wood. They were leftovers from the War and each one weighed about 80 pounds while these new tables weigh a scant 15 pounds but may not be as sturdy.

We will need to evaluate them for use as worktables

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Ellyn Norris

Ellyn Norris is a Canadian photographer and educator who now resides in San Diego, California. She has traveled the world extensively and is drawn to capturing people who have been shaped and influenced by their natural environments.

Ellyn is a regular fixture in Iceland and Nepal where she holds photographers on photo tours. She has exhibited her work both locally and in Canada. Her dedication to her own photographic work inspires her to share her passion with photo enthusiasts.

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