Krokodil By: Mackenzie Johnson and Ryan Mann

Table of Contents:

  1. Definition of Drug
  2. History of Drug
  3. How it is made
  4. Ingredients of Drug
  5. How it is used
  6. Effects
  7. Influences on Behavior
  8. Influences on Relationships
  9. Treatment
  10. Current Issues
  11. Glossary
  12. Works Cited
  13. Pictures Cited
Definition: Krokodil is a homemade drug that eats the user from the inside out, rotting the flesh and leaving bone and muscle tissue exposed. The medical term for this drug is desoMORPHINE.(1)
History: Krokodil first appeared in the 20th century when a Swiss patent sold it under the name of Permonid. It is a derivative of morphine but it is 8-10 times strong than morphine. then it was discovered in the poor areas of russia in 2002, and was used as a cheap form of HEROIN. From 2002-2010 krokodil was spread around russia, it was ALSO spread to europe. it is now believed that it has crossed the ocean to CENTRAL and or north america.(1)
How It's Made: It is made at home by acquiring codeine, sold over the counter for headaches, and cooking it with paint thinner, gasoline, hydrochloric acid, iodine and the red phosphorous from matchbox strike pads. The resulting liquid is injected into a vein.(1)
Ingredients: The ingredients in krokodil are codeine, paint thinner, gas, HYDROELECTRIC acid, iodine and the red phosphorous from matchbox strike pads.(1)
How It's used: It is injected as a liquid into the vein.(1)

Gets its name from when the drug is injected it makes the skin around the injection site look green, and has a scaly appearance that mimics that of a crocodile. This leads to open festering wounds and infections as the skin rots from inside out, causing gangrene. People who are addicted to this drug can be left with dead skin that peels away to reveal tissue and bone underneath. This damage often requires intensive wound care or skin grafts. Amputations are common. Over time, this will lead to the dissolving of bones, especially in the jawbone and teeth. This has been compared to “meth mouth” which is the rotting of gums and teeth. Addicts often lose teeth. It also causes brain damage in frequent users. Leaves them with speech impairments, impaired motor skills, often in the form of jerky movements. This disjointed movements with the looks of the skin has led krokodil to be known as the zombie drug. (3)

Short term effects include: a heroin-type high sans nausea, repeated exposure causes users' skin to become scaly, rotting gums and tooth loss, and skin and soft tissue infections. Long term effects include: skin grafts, limb AMPUTATIONS, speech and motor skills IMPairment, and death.(2)
Influences on behavior: Krokodil INFLUENCES one's behavior by making them completely DISORIENTED. When high on this drug people are unaware of where they are and the actions that they are making, they also have an increase in calmness.(4)
influences on relationships: The influences that krokodil can have on relationships is that it can destroy families and can DIS HARMONIZE how one addicted to the drug works in a workplace. Then the abuser will turn towards others addicted on the drug to find the sense of belonging they are craving.(4)
Treatment: Treatment options for krokodil include RESIDENTIAL treatment centers, outpatient services, and rehab centers. RESIDENTIAL treatment centers and outpatient services are the same in that they both provide access to medical and psychological treatment. since krokodil is a deadly drug the first step to recovery is inpatient medical care. also because krokodil is such a deadly drug medical and psychological care is a must, even with treatment one can suffer serious effects from being addicted on the drug.(5)
Current Event: In Russia a photographer from TIME Magazine went in 2013 to take pictures of the people who were addicted to Krokodil. He took pictures of about 30-40 abusers of this drug and he also took pictures of where they made the drug and where they all lived. He recently went back to see if he could find these people again. when he returned to Russia, he found that all their old kitchens and hangouts were deserted, and he also found that 4-5 of the people he took pictures of were dead.(6)


  • Slang terms for Krokodil include:
  • Crocodile.
  • Croc.
  • Krok.
  • Russian Magic.
  • Poor Man’s Heroin
  • Other Important Terms include:
  • Kitchen- the place where krokodil is made, typically at home.
  • Desomorphine -is a derivative of morphine with powerful, fast-acting opioid effects, such as sedation and analgesia.

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