OSSD & Requirements

  • OSSD is short for: Ontario Secondary School Diploma.
  • 30 credits (18 compulsory, 12 elective)
  • Students must also pass the Grade 10 Literacy Test.
  • Students must also complete 40 hours of community service.

Provincial Secondary School Literacy Test

  • Required for all grade ten students
  • May repeat test in following years.
  • Based on writing & reading up to grade nine.

Types of Courses—Grade 9 and 10

  • Applied (P)
  • Academic (D)
  • Open (O)

Types of Courses—Grade 11 and 12

  • University (U)
  • University/College (M)
  • College (C)
  • Workplace (E)
  • Open (O)

School Course Calendar

  • Created by the school or school board.
  • Provides students & parents with detailed & accurate, up-to-date information about the programs and the courses offered by the school.


  • IEP stands for Individual Education Plan.
  • Developed by parents, students, and teachers under direction of principals for gifted or exceptional students.
  • Includes information about the student’s strengths and needs, about the modifications in curriculum expectations that have worked well for the student in the past.

Credit System

  • Every time you successfully complete a course of 110 hours you will earn a credit.


  • Stands for Ontario Student Transcript.
  • Provides a comprehensive record of a student’s overall achievement in high school.
  • Includes classes repeated and the marks.
  • Includes classes dropped more than 4 days after midterm and the marks at that time.


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