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Ansel Adams Work

Adams, Ansel. Roots. 1948. Weston Gallery. Web. 13 Dec. 2016. This photograph is one of Ansel Adams close up works in nature. I think he does these very well. The subject of the photo is the bottom of a tree right at the roots. It is taken in black and white and shows all the roots patterns through the ground. The form of this photo leads the eye through many paths and directs the attention around the whole photo. The content of this photo can give off a calm and meditational feeling watching the roots weave in and out from the tree.
Adams, Ansel. Tetons and Snake River. 1942. Weston Gallery. Web. 13 Dec. 2016. This is my favorite photo of Ansel Adams. The subject of the photo is a river and mountains taken in black and white. Also, there are clouds and many trees in the picture. The form of the photograph is done very well the river really leads the eye through the photo very nicely. It directs your attention through to the mountains and flows very good. The content of the photo can give off a feeling of awe when looking at how beautiful nature can be.
Adams, Ansel. Noon Clouds. 1942. Weston Gallery. Web. 13 Dec. 2016. The photograph here is a picture with two mountains sandwiched by huge puffy clouds. The photograph is in black and white and has snow covering the mountains. The form of the photo all seems to be equal with the two mountains and one on each side and the clouds to balance in the middle. The photo can give a feeling of tranquility with how everything is equal and works with all the other components of the photo.
Adams, Ansel. Moonrise. 1941. Weston Gallery. Web. 13 Dec. 2016. This is one of my favorite photos from Ansel Adams. The subject of this photo is a moon rising over a small town in Mexico. You can see the mountains in the back with some snow on top of them. The photo is taken in black and white and that really enhances the entire photograph. The form of the photograph has one main point of the moon and the background of all the building and mountains that border it nicely. The context of the photo can give off an eerie sort of calm with the graveyard in the foreground. The fact that it was taken at night also adds to this eeriness.
Adams, Ansel. Clearing Winter Storm. 1937. Weston Gallery. Web. 13 Dec. 2016. The subject of this photo is a mountain valley or canyon taken is black and white. The tops of the mountains and peaks are blanketed with fresh snow just as are the trees are in the surrounding areas. The form of this photograph directs the attention through the canyon as if you were there. The photo all goes to a central location where the end of the canyon is not visible as it fades away. The content of this photo can give a viewer a feeling of amazement and awe with just how mystical the photo looks.

"Ansel Adams" photos by me

In this photo i tried to use depth with the close up raft and far away mountains.
Rule of thirds
Rule of thirds
point of view

My Favorite Self Portrait

On this image I used direct light from the right side for a dramatic look.

5 of the best photos taken at the Archie Bray

I wanted this photo to evoke a sense of simplicity with the lone flower in the middle of the image.
With this photo i really tried to get super close up to an object that is usually seen form far away for a cool viewpoint.
A rustic Summer playground made the old working man wonder if rustic compliments can create true harmony and power on pause means flying traditionally then colorful rusted turquoise can create symmetry
In this photo I really focused on the color of the berries making them stand out.
In this photo I used the leading lines to draw a path for the eye through the photograph.

Some of the photos entered in the Contest

With this photo i used photoshop to really bring the rainbows color out and make it stand out.
In this photograph I offset the mountain a little to compensate for the trees on the right side and give some balance to the photo.

Light writing Photos

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