Assembly Line

It was first used in Michigan, October 7, 1913
Ransom E. Olds

Although you may think the assembly line was invented by Henry Ford it was actually invented by Ransom E. Olds

Henry Ford is known for creating it because he built one with a conveyor belt but he did not create the original.
An assembly line is a series of workers and machines that make products and materials in a orderly line step by step.
Since it was built it reduced production hours on the Model T from 12 and 1/2 hours to a hour and 33 minutes.
by 2017 the

Three shift or crew model by 2017 will increase production time more then 30%


Created with images by aldenjewell - "Holden Assembly Line, 1952" • katherinetompkins - "1923 Ford Model T"

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