Rachel Greenberg ʼ22 models in local fashion show By ELLA STOLER

Whiplash's annual event was held at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum on Thursday Oct. 17. The Fashion Show Fundraiser featuring "rock n roll looks" was a huge success due to the support of the community. Pictured are the models who participated in the show to raise money for the museum and promote their own creative works. Rachel Greenberg '22, demonstrated her support for the local artists through her attendance of the event.
Greenberg models her first look for the evening designed by West. West, a local clothing store in Westport, sponsored the fundraiser. Greenberg considers herself to be a fashion forward person and loves putting together her own outfits. This first look was created by Rachel Greenberg herself.
The models who participated in the event displayed hair and makeup looks created by Whip Salon. Greenberg was excited to present this new, edgy hairstyle.
Through Greenberg's past modeling experiences, she has become a part of a fashion community outside of school, where she has the opportunity to meet many new people. Greenberg's close friend, a student from Weston High School, also joined in on the event. Zac Mathias '22, is a social media influencer and was eager to promote the fundraiser.
Greenberg celebrated the successful event with the other models after the show. Many of the models who participated in the event are artists themselves. "I feel inspired by the many women who participated in this event and am honored to be walking next to them. Their artistic ability and passion for what they do is very moving," Greenberg said. Her mother, Anne Greenberg, founded the company SUX Straws and collaborated on the Whip Lash Committee to support the museum.
Greenberg was incredibly enthusiastic about her participation in the event. The show gathered a large audience of people from Ridgefield and other surrounding towns. However, the atmosphere was nothing new to Greenberg due to her past modeling experiences for stores such as LF, West, The Flying Pig and The Winged Monkey. She hopes the fundraiser not only raise money, but also draws attention to the contemporary art displayed so close to home.
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