Toy Story Da bun, Da POLLIWOG and Da bug

"Gee, it's a nice day to hang in the shade" - said Mr.Polliwog
" I only stopped by for the flowers your standing on" reponded Senor Conejito
" Whats going on up here?" pipped up Mr. Gusano.
Senor Conejito and Mr. Polliwog began to bicker " It's cooler at my house, I'm going back to bed" said Mr. Gusano ,"Adios!"
"These are my flowers man!" proclaimed Mr. Polliwog
" Frogs don't even eat flowers! " said Senor Conejito. " I am not a frog, I'm a Polliwog, thank you very much!" Shouted Mr. Polliwog, " You guys are silly, there just flowers" replied Mr. Gusano as he inched away.
And our story ends with Mr. Gusano doing the right thing and choosing sleep over conflict.

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