Super Responsive Websites super duper responsive n stuff

Here are the five responsive websites that i have researched:

The page is very responsive as all of the images, buttons and bodies of text adapt to the perspective if you shrink or extend the page, However, the "more info" button doesn't adapt and ends up clashing with the lower image.

This page is very responsive and the images and links all shrink to fit the frame, however the "live chat" tab covers up part of the image making it harder to see, and some text, "New in" & "downloads", from the black bar at the top drops down making it i near impossible to read.

This is a good responsive website as it snaps to frame as you adjust the size and the grid structure stays in place. however some of the text disappears especially in the department drop menus.

This is a great responsive webpage its grid adapts to whatever size you make it and it adds as many video thumbnails as it can to make the experience as easy as possible, however the text is rather small when the page is large and there is a lot of empty space in the margins that could be filled.

This webpage is highly responsive, not only does it adapt to scaling, its almost turns into a mobile site layout as you scale it down making it very easy to navigate and use. all of the same links and bars are still in full form in both scales with the smaller scale using a drag bar to keep the thumbnails.
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