Using Adobe Fonts in Templates GUIDELINES for Adobe Stock Contributors

All Adobe Stock templates are required to use Adobe Fonts (formerly known as Typekit). Creative Cloud users have access to thousands of fonts included with their subscription. The integration of Adobe Fonts in Creative Cloud apps eliminates the need to search for, download, and install additional files, while also guaranteeing high-quality, properly licensed fonts for users.

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Selecting Adobe Fonts | Activating Fonts

Selecting Adobe Fonts

The October 2018 release of Illustrator (version 23.0) and InDesign (version 14.0) introduces an updated fonts panel that gives you the ability to browse fonts from within the apps, activate them instantly, and use them in your document. With your text highlighted, navigate to the Character panel and click the Find More tab. You can scroll through the thousands of font options to see how they will look with your text in real time. You can also browse through fonts and font families on fonts.adobe.com.

When selecting Adobe Fonts for your template, consider the following:

  • Avoid using fonts from the Adobe Fonts Marketplace as they require additional purchase outside of the Creative Cloud subscriptions.
  • Alternate versions of Adobe Fonts, such as TrueType (.ttf) or OpenType (.otf) will not work properly for users. You must activate and use the Adobe Fonts version of the fonts in your template file.

For more information, see Using fonts.

Activating Fonts

In Illustrator and InDesign, navigate to the Character panel and click the Find More tab. Select the font you want and click on the Activate icon (cloud with arrow) displayed next to the font. The Activate icon will show a check mark after the font is activated and available for use.

Easily activate fonts in-app.
To find your activated Adobe Fonts, use the filter icons in the Character panel.

You can also browse for fonts on fonts.adobe.com. Log in with your Adobe ID and use the toggle buttons to activate fonts you want to use. Your active fonts will appear in all your font menus within Creative Cloud.

Activate all fonts in a family at the top of the page or activate individual fonts below.

For more information, see Activate fonts on your computer.

Last Published: February 1st, 2019