Lost With Talent. By: Joline Harris

Some art of mine:

Art, some.

Some of my more "dark" art is simply based of realistic events of the world, and reaction is key to me when I am creating my art. Will this piece get a reaction? Is what I am constantly asking myself when I look at my work.

Scribbles are also art to me.

W.I.P. Mental Health Sketchbook

Some photography of mine.

STFH Cheer
Just another photo.

Photography, Writing, and art. My passions.



What pain has brought

Is only fear

It's love we've sought

but found no one dear

They say wait

but I run past

Hoping I'm not too late

To get a glimpse of what should last

Do I belong

I ask

Maybe i'll get strong

To finish this task

See where I go

Won't lie to myself

I should know

In time itself

What pain has brought

Is only fear

I hope this thought will dissapear


Pale face

Dry lips

She gives her life away

Just to hear them say

She's skinny

How silly

Because I'm sure

She was pretty before


As sweet as a sunflower are the lips of my love

As soft as the clouds is that her hair

She bends and distorts like a flimsy branch in the wind

Rebuilds like the creatures of sand after the tides draw in

My love cannot however compare to anything in nature, for she has a personality brighter than that of the sun. A voice prettier than that of the wind. My love, not yours.


An unknown passion

for broken glass when

all you get is gold

and a ringing chime denies our time

when broken bells

still toll


Time's a crime

a passionate rhyme

for all who have no rhythm

it beats continually

and ritually

until your time is up


Death can hold a beat

even when life's complete

for you see

he controls my mind and soul


he takes my heart

and starts it slow

then speeds it casually

and when the beat ends

he goes to the next

playing beats on broken souls

and hearts of misery

And that is the end of my website. Hope you enjoyed, or at least learned a little bit about me.

Created By
Joline Harris



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