Food, Glorious Food Rationed

Yesterday rationing started in Britain. German U-boats have stopped many ships carrying food to Britain across the Atlantic ocean.

Britain can no longer rely on imported food and therefore the prime minister has decided to start rationing. This morning a shopkeeper said that food had stopped coming to his shop and that he saw German U-boats stop many ships.

There are lots of different ration foods but not all food is rationed. The ration foods are: ham, eggs, tea, meat, sugar, cheese. They are now making chocolate and sweets rationed food as well. There are going to be some other rationed foods, but I don't know them yet.

Rationing has only been going on for a week however some people have already lost their ration books.

A man called Steven said, "I have lost my ration book and I don't know what to do."

If you lose your ration book you will not be able to buy any rationed items until the food is replaced by the Ministry of food.

The Prime Minister has announced that clothes will also be rationed as well so ladies get knitting because of that you are going to make your own clothes and some for your kids or more people in your families.

Rationing has started and is believed it will go on for two years.

Reporter: Ella H

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