Lucid Lava stories and shit-talking expressed by an evolving psychic lightworker

Once upon a time, two regal fire starters born under Moons in Leo fell deeply in love. Their compassion for one another was so strong, it acted as a vessel for Mother Gaia to plant a magic seed. This magic seed was unlike any expressed in the tales of old; a seed of a Sagittarian prince with witchy talents, bitchy essence, and a luminous existence.

The prince grew to be a talented musician, athlete, and scholar. Despite his limitless potential, he ran into issues with substance abuse and depression. He fell in love with another prince - a dark one - who fought his own battles with depression, and lost the war, resulting in suicide. The dark prince's death dimmed the Sagittarian light prince's soul to a very low ambient level, incomparable to it's prior shine.

After losing almost all of his light, the prince sought to brighten his being through substances that made him feel high and happy and triumphant. Yet, these feelings were combated by more powerful feelings of sorrow and loss once the substances wore off. He couldn't seem to find the right dose of the right chemical to fill the void he felt and cure his soul sickness.

The light prince got into trouble with the courts and was jailed for 19 days. During these days, he discovered his ability to travel through dimensions by meditation. He unveiled access to further planes and letting go of all physical and mental connection to the Earth plane. His soul. His soul journeyed through the astral plane and learned soul lessons that were applied to the prince's life on Earth when he returned to his physical body.

This experience invoked the light prince's spiritual journey, an adventure for healing of the soul through many metaphysical practices. He revealed his identity as a lightworker, an empath, a psychic, and a budding witch.

Through the prince's hardships, the Leo parents actively attempted to prevent his destruction and pain, but they could not stop the intricate and powerful cosmic fate which holds vast prosperity and enlightenment. Here, you will find treasure's from the prince's remissive mind, gaining light with every experience and post.

Created By
Lavaronté Harris

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