Harn Museum of Art Emily Thach

Medium of art/technique of the artist

This piece caught my eye because of the intricate line work that was involved, I walked past it though, in hopes maybe I would see something else, but for some reason I came back to it. I deeply admire the intricacy of woodcut because of how tedious would carving itself would be. I also loved how the artist carved the light of civilization and humanity out of a dark wood medium yet simultaneously illuminate a dark, misunderstood nature at odds with the expansion of mankind.

Design of the museum

The clacking noise of my heels traveled through the open exhibit as I walked into the room. The bright ligting and openness made me feel insignificant, however the arrangement of the art on the symmetrical walls allowed me to have an intimacy with my insignificance compared to the vast amount of art that was displayed. I felt inspired and hopeful, because it reminded me how talented people truly are. The walls made the room seem even larger than it already was, and that I could run around endlessly to try and find all the artwork I could.

Art and core values


When I went to the Harn, my friend Zach accompanied me, and he told me that the Guerrilla Girls were very well known in the art world, for fighting for what they believe in and expressing it through art. The artwork made me feel courageous, critical, and proud. The Guerrilla Girls voiced not only their ideas and values, but the struggles that women face in not only the real work, but in the art world as well. I admired the candor, the frankness of the pieces. It made me realize how much I valued honesty and criticism. They have pushed me to be accountable for my actions and to see that the essence of truth in understanding people lies in recognizing their humanity.

art and the good life


This piece spoke to me when I thought about the Good Life. "Frida Looking Into Mirror" depicted an aspect of the Good Life that I think is vital, true self awareness. The image, to me, represents Frida looking into herself and truly understanding her position in life, even though she experienced suffering, she acknowledged that it was part of her life, and it manifested into the reflection that she can see. It helped me understand that the way we perceive our reflection illustrates how we perceive our lives, and whether we believe that we are experiencing a Good Life or not.


Created with images by chrisbuckridge - "Berlin street arts"

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