The Fifth Tuesday We Talk About Family tuesday with morrie

In summary, Morrie want to be around family when he dies and talks about his kids and his kids names are Rob and Jon. He says if he had no wife or no kids the disease would be harder to go through. When he was eight, his mother passed away. Mitch has a two years younger brother name Peter who got diagnosed with type of cancer his uncle had which is the pancreas a rare form of it. Mitch brother pushed his family away because he wants to deal with it on his own.

Quote: Morrie says, " This is part of what family is about, not just love, but letting other know there's someone who is watching out for them"(Albon 92).

The readers should get from is that it is important to have family around when you are sick or when you are not. Family is not about love it is about being there for them to support one another.

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