Robot basketball Missons dig lit

For my mission I am doing robot basketball. I choose robot basketball because I wanted to see what we could end up making in the end but I knew it wouldn't be a robot but a type of creation that is close to a robot.

What is the whole thing

  • What the basket is made of
  • What is the catapult made of
  • What is the ball
  • How the cort was made
  • How is the netting/hoop made of


This is the basket we used for the shots. It's made out of cardboard, and styrofoam with a orange bag for the net.

It took about 2 weeks to finish the whole thing and then we had fun.


This is the catapult we used to drain shots. We used a spoon, hot glue, and styrofoam to make the catapult

While we were making the catapult the hot glue bended the spoon and we had to get a new spoon so that was a mess up.


We used this to swish shots and have fun with it. It was a regular ping pong ball just had some stuff to make it look cool.

We lost the ping pong ball like 3 times and we had to get about 2 ping pong balls extra.


This is the length of the court it was six feet and it took time to make any shot. We measured the six feet by the tiles because they are 1 ft each.

People never stoped walking in front of the basket sometimes stopping shots.


This netting is made out of a orange bag and we made the netting to not let the ball out because so we could see if the ball was in for sure and so the cameras could catch the shot. We did this because max made a shot and it didn't hit the rim so a swish and we had no idea but camera evidence showed it did. The rim and netting is made of pipe cleaners orange netting and zip ties because hot glue melted the netting and tape would get in the was and zip ties were great.

That's all the parts for my presentation hope you enjoyed.


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