February 7th 2015 isn't a night I'll forget in a hurry but it didn't start out quite that way. I was running a photography workshop and we started off down on the Hawes Pier, it was a fairly dull night although the water was very calm. Nobody expected a decent sunset with the cloud cover and to be fair, February isn't the best time for a sunset at the Forth Bridge as the sun still sets too far to the south east.

Calm conditions from the Hawes Pier
Looking north along the Forth Bridge

After a while playing with photographic filters on the pier I moved the group around to a spot to the East of the bridge so we were at least facing the right direction for any sunset, not that we still thought there was going to be any sunset to write home about.

After about 20 minutes at the new location something started to happen. There was colour in the clouds, subtle but there, mainly purple hues. At this point the water was like a mirror and that colour just kept intensifying, I remember looking west towards Hound Point and seeing the colour extend all the way, at which point it was clear this was going to be special.

Looking East along the Forth Bridge

With the colour looking amazing the only instruction to the workshop group was to keep taking pictures while this lasted. You never know how long this might last, the sun could be peeking through a letterbox in the cloud and you only get minutes so get the shots in the bag, just in case!

This was the standout shot of the night, that colour and those reflections make a perfect image. It was quite popular too, the most popular image ever on Real Edinburgh. It also appeared in several newspapers who were running stories of that incredible sunset.

The extent of the colour
A closer view

The colour started to dip after a while and we moved to the west of the bridge again to catch the twilight coming over from the East but to everybody's surprise, the clours picked up again, it wasn't finished yet...

View to the Forth Road Bridge
Incredible sky over South Queensferry

You know it's been a good one when the national newspapers run stories on a sunset and I have to say, this was probably the best I had ever witnessed.

This version of the portrait shot has never been on sale but I'm going to make it available as a signed, numbered limited edition.



Limited edition enquiries: grant@realedinburgh.co.uk

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Grant Ritchie


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