Jamie Foxx 12-13-67

Jamie Foxx parents were Louise Annette Talley and Darrell Bishop. His parents divided and was raised by his grandparents in a racially segregated neighborhood.

Jamie Foxx as a child

Jamie has always been athletic and academically great in school. He played music with his band called the Leather and Lace.

Jamie Foxx started stand-up comedy in 1989 and he adopted his stage name from there.

Jamie Foxx Career started to rise up when he audition for a sketch called "In Living Color" On April 15, 1990.

One major event in Jamie Foxx life was when he preformed in the movie "Ray" where he acted as Ray Charles. Ever since he has preformed in lots of famous movies.


The Kingdom



Spider-Man 2

Created By
Deveon Russell


Created with images by Doug Kline - "Madame Tussaud's Hollywood - Jamie Foxx"

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