Learning Journal ALEXA SWARTZ


Mac and Cheese for Dummies!

Visual Filter for Universal Truth

"Every picture tells a story"
"Don't cry over spilled milk"

I went through a lot of different ideas when concepting for this project. I started by looking through the universal truths in an attempt to find ones I though would be easy to translate into images. From that list I then sketched some mock up filters to decide which would be worthy of moving onto the computer. Above are two of the filters that I sketched and then recreated on photoshop. I really like the filter with the book but I am not sure that it follows snapchat guidelines as they often times don't want the filter to intrude that much on the actual photo. This is why I chose to finalize and turn in the spilt milk filter.

About me

I chose to take this class because I believe social media is an essential part of advertising and the future of the industry. As I hope to work in an agency after college, I feel it is important for me to have an understanding of how social media is being used and influencing the field. I am excited to learn more about the strategic aspects of social media and what goes on behind the scenes.

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