My Engagement crazy assignment by college professor

July 23, 2016 my boyfriend, his siblings and I had a modelling gig at a Dishtowel event. That morning, while we were getting ready, my stomach was hurting because I was eating hot Cheetos the night before. I arrived in a blue and pink sundress because I knew I was going to want to help out comfortably. I had my big, beautiful, red dress in the car.

What I ate the night before.
My best friend borrowed my dress that I wore to the event.

Something was off about this morning, though. Like I said before, my stomach was hurting. The pastors' wife asked "what do you have on?" I looked confused because I thought I looked decent enough for being a helper in the kitchen. She also yelled at me, which she had never done to my before, for "being in her way". She told me to, "just.. just go help in the kitchen, Crystal, you're in my way". I felt a little sadness because she was usually so sweet to me. I actually almost cried. Then, I went in the kitchen to help with the food.

How I was that morning.

We were getting ready to model. I changed into my dress. My best friend and her twin brother were modelling casual clothing. Their other brother modelled sports clothing. My boyfriend and I were doing formal attire. It was red, huge, and had silver in and around it. I had worn it to prom and everyone loved it. They asked me to model it last to close the show with the most beautiful dress. I said okay. My boyfriend went before me and I was standing in the back. They did the same for everyone, saying how they looked and what they wore. While I was standing in the back I was getting nerves because I didn't know where to walk or how to pose. I peeked at my boyfriend because he was looking so sharp in his black suit and red accessories. After I peeked I turned my head and started to think again about what I am going to do when I got out there.

Red dress I wore during the event.

The announcer mistakenly called out my name. She called me Crystal Walker, then said Crystal Jones. I walked out smiling mostly because she messed up my name and I was trying not to laugh. I looked around the room to see where to walk. Everyone was smiling at me as the announcer described my dress and as I walked down the pathway to find my boyfriend down on one knee. As soon as I noticed him kneeling down, I broke out into tears and that stomach ache that I had, completely went away. I was laughing and crying at the same time. My heart was beating so fast and hard I thought it'd beat out of my chest. I walked up to him and he began to talk. It was so loud and overwhelming so I couldn't really hear him, but when he asked me to marry him, I heard that loud and clear. I thought I was screaming at the top of my lungs saying yes 3 times, but with all the noise and cheers I wasn't all that loud. I cried and hugged him so much. I was so happy. I covered my face because I didn't want anyone to see my ugly, crying face.


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