PILES designed by michael melgen and daniel correa

What is Piles?

Piles is an original card game meant for 2 to 4 people to play. Players compete to create Piles in order to gain points. The player with the most points at the end wins!

What you'll need to play

  • 1 full deck or
  • 1 Pile deck, 6 suits: wifi, bluetooth, location, email, friend's, camera symbol (works with standard deck as well)
  • Phone or watch or suitably a laptop with timer function

Game Rules

  • Players must place down the card they are trading before picking up another card.
  • A player cannot have more than 4 cards in their hand
  • If a player notices another player with more than 4 cards in their hand (referred to as the offender), that player yells out “stop”, all players then stop what they are doing and the yeller may pick any random card to remove from the offending player’s hand and place it on the table next to the other cards on the table.
  • Flushes are worth 1 point, straights are worth 2 points, quads are worth 5 points, and straight flushes are worth 10 points.

How to set up

  1. Ensure all cards are in the deck
  2. Have someone volunteer to be dealer
  3. The dealer then shuffles the deck
  4. 4 cards are distributed to each player
  5. 4 cards are then drawn from the deck and placed face up on the table
  6. The dealer takes the countdown timer and sets it for 5 seconds

Starting the game

  • At the beginning of every round, the dealer starts the countdown
  • The second that the countdown ends, players place down the cards they are trading and then pick up the ones they want
  • Once everyone ceases to trade cards, the round ends, the cards are placed in a “discard pile” and the next one starts the same as before
  • 4 cards are drawn again from the deck and placed face up on the table
  • The dealer takes the countdown timer and sets it for 5 seconds again

Game end & determining the winner

The game ends in one of three ways:

  1. if a player achieves a royal flush
  2. if no moves have been made since the last time the deck has shuffled and the deck has been discarded again
  3. if no more cards are available to use

The winner is determined by the amount of points he/she receives from the their piles. see official rule book in event of a tie.


Created with images by Ben Alford - "cards"

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