There are thousands of suffering orphans in Africa. 8 in every 10 children in Africa are either abandoned or have parents who died and are living on their own as orphans.
There are some organizations in Africa that offer the orphans a ‘sponsorship’. The organizations could be just a family willing to care for them, or an orphanage, or even a big company willing to give them money for all their basic needs.
Orphans without homes usually sleep under trees or other plants they can find and most keep a bible in their right hand while sleeping to keep them protected from the world as they sleep.
Most orphans that are in orphanages are expected to do daily chores and help out people in the town with their daily needs. They also, depending on the size of the orphanage, sleep with 5-10 other children in their room.
Thousands of orphans in Africa are suffering and are in need of help and care. What will your call to action be?

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