Harn Museum of Art Leia Wojciechowski

Introduction: I visited the Harn Museum of Art on Sunday, January 8th. The following bellow is my interpretation of the art that i viewed which related to my perception of the good life.

Medium of the art / Technique of the Artist: The following woodcut print was done by Soli Durer Gloria who made a series of nine woodcut prints as a tribute to the Book of Revelations where the lamb of god opens the four seals and white, red, black and pale horses are summoned. This particular medium stood out to me because of the use of black and white space to create this image. The intense attention to detail is hard to notice in a photograph as the original print clearly displayed the craftsman ship that went into carving the wood print. This piece exemplifies the reason why art can not fully be experienced technologically like this generation urges.
Design of the Museum: This particular area of the museum caught my eye immediately when i walked in the room. Personally i love plants but i also love minimalism which is what made this design so striking to me. The simplicity of the white contrasts wth the Bronze statue causing ones eye to drift to the room as soon as one enters the room. The garden significantly enhances the exhibit and atmosphere of the room via architectural feats.
Art & Core Value: This piece spoke to my core values because it displayed Manhattan in the hight of day. This is when people are their busiest and the smoke to me symbolized the bustling city. This spoke to my core value of hard work and determination. It's not always easy and glamorous to live in a big city but neither is hard work and thats what resonated with me. With undying determination and hard work your possibilities are endless and i think the ample opportunity that the big city holds parallels this.
Art and the Good Life: To me this photo symbolized a connection to nature which to me is an aspect of the good life. Nature is all around us and essential to our survival yet we often forget and ignore it as an everyday triviality. I feel the most at home when i am surrounded by nature be it the beach or the hills. Ultimately, when life becomes to much a walk outside puts me to ease. I don't think the good life is possible for me personally without a connection to nature which is why this piece resonated with me.

All photographs were taken by Leia Wojciechowski.

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