Summer Concert 2018

Tonight we were treated to the final performance of our Summer Concert. Over 150 pupils were involved and this was the first time that we have offered a double billing with a matinee yesterday. I was lucky enough to have caught some of the earlier performance but tonight truly did reach a new level. I loved the sheer variety of what was on offer from the huge orchestral pieces to some sublime soloists, not to mention the repertoire…there was something for everyone!

Orley Farm pupils throw themselves into every aspect of learning and nowhere is this more evident than in the Elliott building. It is always a hive of activity and buzzing with creativity – whether with instruments, voices or using tech, composition and performance are being developed and refined and this is invaluable and will reach into every part of your learning. I suspect that there are times when practising instruments can feel like a chore but there is no other way to reach the heights that you manage…well done!

I want to thank all of the visiting instrumental teachers for developing the skills and love of playing an instrument, whether to our beginners or more accomplished musicians – you are starting a lifelong opportunity that will have a bearing on so much more than the obvious. I want to also thank you the parents for your endless support, if your home is anything like mine then I am assuming that your children might not always skip off to play scales each night!?!

I owe a huge thank you to Mr Evans...who last year came to me and introduced me to Mr Ford. Who knew that this would bring about a collaboration and partnership that is flourishing? In addition, Mr Evans is inspiring our older pupils to use tech to engage with Music in a new and innovative way.

However, I do not know how to express my thanks to Mr Ford who has picked up an outstanding department and in less than a year, found a new view to explore. When Mr Ford came for interview he asked what I wanted, I said...

I want Music to fill the corridors and spaces of this school!

Mr Ford, you have done this and so much more! In most schools breaktime means playtime so it’s appropriate that children are now running to the Music studio on their own accord to put together collaborative pieces. Tonight we witnessed a number of these outcomes and I dare say there are a million more in the making! Thank you for throwing yourself into a school with an extraordinary 'can do, will do' outlook - you inspire me!

Tim Calvey

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