Egypt Water scarcity By Chanel chotard-Noble Teacher:Ms yeo

Physical water scarcity is when there is not enough water to meet all demands.

Not enough water !people getting sick!!

Economic water scarcity is caused by the lack of in investment in water infrastructure.

Eygpt is located in the North East of North Africa

Eygpt faces water scarcity beacause the pollution in the Nile river is very high and every once and a while the level of pollution rises! Even some villages protest about the water scarcity because Eygpt is a desert, with no vegetation and high humidity. Therefore the water evaporates very quickly.

I'm going to show you the precipitation patterns in Eygpt and the rainfall in a year.

Eygpt receives about 20 mm(0.79inch) and 200 mm (7.87 inch) of annual average precipitation. There are only two seasons in Eygpt, a mild winter from November to April and a hot summer from May to October. The best time to travel to Eygpt is in the winter from Desember and February, when temperatures are quite low between 20 to 26 degrees (68-79 Fahrenheit ) quite cool right!?

Eygpt climate graphs

This graph shows high and low tempratures and humintiny. The main things that are being done are that people are trying not to pollute and keep their water clean, so they have nice water in the summer and they don't get sick.


There are 82.06 million people in Eygpt. In Cairo (capital city ) there is 9.12 million people who live there!

This shows how many people live in Eygpt and it's a lot less then Australia, don't you think??? A lot of people are sick in Eygpt because of not having healthy water, this can be a serious problem!!. Women have to walk kilometres a day just to get to a water source and sometimes it's too far. So by the time they get back the water has evaporated!!!! But some people are close to water sources and don't have to walk that far and some lucky people even have taps to drink out of !

A way they could clean their water is with filters and factories so they have clean healthy water and don't get sick!

You can do this with a filter!

Thank you for reading my assessment of water scarcity in Eygpt !


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