Euthanasia in Dog Shelters By: Kristen Busby

  • Typically, animal shelters uses euthanasia for ease, not because the animal is suffering
  • Veterinarians who euthanize healthy animals become much more at risk for suicide
  • If a shelter dog is not healthy, there is almost always a better option than euthanasia
  • Putting down a healthy animal causes most veterinarians to experience high amounts of stress, sometimes leading to suicide
  • To stop healthy animals from being put down in animal shelters, many adoption fairs should be held
Dogs are capable of changing a person's life for the better. Euthanasia prevents friendship between man and dogs.
  • By holding adoption fairs, many of the dogs in animal shelters will find new homes
  • Adoption fees are very expensive, which would pay for the entire cost of the time the animal lived at the shelter
  • Stopping euthanasia in animal shelters would earn money, and would stop the suicide risk for veterinarians from rising


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