21 JUNE 2020 | Traditional Service

Rev Lilian Ang, Pastor

Scripture Passage: Leviticus 19:32 (NIV)


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Summary | How can we build a culture of honouring elders at home? Scripture reminds us to rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God.

In society, the wealthy, the powerful and celebrities are honoured. However, in the Bible, to honour someone is very different. It means to esteem and treat others respectfully because we value them highly. The Bible tells us to express honour and esteem to certain groups of people – our parents, the aged and those in authority.

Why should we honour the elderly?

  • First, it is our call to holy living. This goes beyond good manners and following the norms of society.
  • Second, it is a command from God (Lev 19:32, Ex 20: 12, Prov 23:22). God holds us accountable for the way we treat the elderly and physically weak. Respect and care for the elderly is essential for maintaining a decent society. Having pure motives in honouring others is only possible when we have a proper perspective of who God is, who we are, and who others are in relation to us and God. It begins with deep reverence for God. The first four commandments lay the foundation for doing this, and the last six commandments deal with our relationships with other people. A society built on a solid family unit where both father and mother are honoured, will likely be a society that obeys the last five commandments. Honouring others comes easier when children are raised to honour their parents. (1 Tim 5: 3-4, 8)
  • Third, the elderly provide wise counsel. They have gained wisdom through years of experience.

Pointers for relating with the elderly at home:

  1. Thank them while we still have the opportunity.
  2. Treat them well -- show respect and take care of them. Be a good role model to your children. Speak well of them in front of their grandchildren, even if they had not been good parents. While respect is earned, honour is something that you can give freely. Caring for our parents is an expression of our faith that pleases God.
  3. Take initiative in affirming our love and concern. Make them feel loved, special and valuable. Show respect, be kinder and patient in listening, value their contributions and get them involved where possible.

May we be inspired to build a culture of honouring the elderly at home.

(Sermon Notes by Denis Koh)


Biblical perspective on honour

1. What is honour from the biblical perspective? What does “showing honour” mean?

2. Who are we called to honour?

3. What are three reasons given on why we are to honour the elderly? Of these three reasons, which one/s stood out for you?

How do we honour the elderly?

Thank the elderly

4. Show your appreciation of thanks to your parents. You can thank them personally, make a phone call, send a text message or write a note of appreciation to them.

5. Who else can you thank in your extended family, church family and/or any elderly around you?

Treat them well

6. How would you describe the way you treat your parents?

7. What small steps can you take to treat them better?

Take initiative

8. How would you describe the way you honor the elderly (parents, grand-parents, etc)?

9. What initiatives can you take to make the elderly feel loved, feel special and feel valued?

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