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As I began college my expectations were completely wrong. Expecting my classes to be somewhat similar to a high school environment, I was in for a rude awakening. With all of my classes pending a great demand of responsibility, I knew that an adjustment to my typical learning style. Resolving many of my problems was not an easy task, although most of my classes are now beginning to make sense.

In my first semester i learned how to manage my time differently, now I have a healthy organization strategy that will aid my ways of studying and completing assignments. With the knowledge of time management i can now perform a great number of things in one day.

With the help of My professors in English classes in particular i have learned how to navigate around writing assignments and other projects. The help of my professors in college has somewhat simplified what is asked of me.

Reflective Essay

For years I have found myself in a repetitive process when it came to my essays in English. When the assignments were announced I would find myself suffering near the middle of my essay due to the repetitive style I had used many times before. Through many trial and errors my grade had suffered in the end and I would be left questioning myself on how I could possibly revolutionize the way I wrote my essays. In this class I have learned many things but the most came from the review essay in the beginning of this course. With the correct ways to format, cite sources, and structure my writings, I have found success in the class as well as other classes that require writing assignments.

Correct formatting has been hit or miss for me and with the help of an outside source in the class I have found further success throughout. Learning how to use advanced options in Microsoft word to has helped me in the long run of how my essays can look as professional as possible. During preparation of my review essay the class had met to resolve many of the questions we had over formatting issues, and certain requirements that we needed to meet in order for correct execution. With my questions about certain issues being answered, and meeting requirements that had been asked of me, I could finally launch my essays in the correct direction making them look professional and thorough.

For years I was not asked to cite sources in my writings and was very confused as to how sources needed to be conducted. In class I had learned how to not only find professional sources using databases that have been provided for us on our schools website, but also how to cite them properly cite them in our papers using websites such as Purdue university’s citing website and other methods. With these websites given to me, I have found success in my writings and learned more about how to prevent plagiarism in my essays.

With my repetitive style of writing I knew that I needed to make a change in how I started my paper and the way I would use my information to support certain details. Learning about how to use topic sentences to my body paragraphs advantage, I have found ways to correctly structure my essay. Many of the techniques that were given to me had been presented by my professor and have helped me resolve the problems I had run into in the past.

Before this course many of the essays I had written prior were rough and did not make much sense. After learning many of the techniques that were given throughout the course I had now found writing papers as more intriguing. Most of my success in this semester has come from learning how to use these techniques to my advantage in my essays.

Edited Major Essay

Peer Reviews :)

Major Essays

Born the Hard Way

During the 2017 Super Bowl showcase, many had found themselves paying attention to the commercials on display for everyone to enjoy. Although many of these commercials are enjoyed by many, one in particular hooked the viewer in its storytelling and has been since stirred discussions across America. Budweiser’s commercial “Born the Hard Way” depicts a short viewing of the hardships Adolphus Busch, an immigrant from Germany, endures to create his future beer. Throughout the commercial the viewer is presented with short clips of how his journey was everything except easy, thus noting he was born the “Hard Way”. Once Busch is welcomed by Eberhard Anheuser, his future co-founder and father in law, the commercial is finalized with text reading “When nothing stops your dream, this is the beer we drink.” Suggesting it is the beer for those who dream big. The images, dialogue, and text found in the Budweiser commercial exhibit that the company is targeting those who drink beer and are in favor of following their dreams.

In the beginning of the one minute commercial, a young Adolphus Busch is seen in a bar being greeted by Eberhard Anheuser says “You don’t look like you’re from around here” a statement that causes the past remnants of his venture. With this statement it is left to the audience to assume that Busch is in fact an immigrant as he is seen on boats and other parts of his journey. While the flashbacks are displayed Busch is faced with the harsh welcomes and rude awakenings found in his arrival, this can be seen as he is being flung in a cabin found in a boat. In a later scene Adolphus is seen being tended to as an American citizen and is told “Welcome to America!” although he is not welcomed kindly by the people born there, this gives the audience a sense that although he is invited, he is not welcomed. This commercial defines how Adolphus was in fact born the “Hard Way” in the United States.

The emotions depicted from this commercial mostly stem from the mountains Adolphus Busch had to overcome. Viewers may be able to tell that what Busch went through was not easy to live with, and at times may find themselves praising the man who did not let his dream slip from him although it seemed that the entire world was against him. The video captures Adolphus suffering from natural causes, xenophobia, and other hardships, with this being inflicted upon a character, the audience will most likely sympathize for a person like Busch. Finally, capturing the small book that Adolphus owns, possessing future plans for his dream beverage, the audience knows how much he desires success which can persuade an individual that following your dream can be hard, this gives the audience a sense that anything is possible with belief.

Although this commercial is heartwarming and drags an audience, its main purpose is to sell its product. At first it may not be thrown into the audiences face, although it is fitted in the perfect places, the small book Adolphus carries. Once Busch has been asked why he left Germany he responds with “I want to brew a beer.” Giving the feeling that he is upon something very special to not only him, but to everyone who drinks beer. After many scenes including the small book, the audience has now been exposed to how much of his time has been given to his desired beverage, ultimately selling his product as a “dream come true”, coming from Budweiser this is now a product that everyone believes is so special it was carefully crafted by a single man and is now seen as a historical accomplishment. Those targeted are simple people who enjoy drinking beer, in this commercial Budweiser have now proven to their audience that this beer is constructed by a dream and is larger than life.

Battlefield One

Battlefield One is a video game released in October of 2016, and is the fifteenth game produced in its video game series. Following its classic first person shooter standpoint, Battlefield has once again impressed gaming reviewers across the world with its stellar presentation of World War One. Taking warfare to another level Battlefield One has completed their latest title with a variety of different ways to accomplish victory in war. Along with new ways to play the game, the introduction of multiple playable characters throughout the game can be found, visuals have also changed in the latest installment, as well as certain mechanics found in the game. Battlefield One takes a first person shooter to a new level with additional content never seen in its series or class of gaming, sharper images, promising mechanics, and a quick display of the war to end all wars.

In previous titles, missions began and ended in the same manner of simple firefight, leaving players with no real satisfaction of individual progress in warfare, although in the latest installment it proves otherwise. With new classes of weapons and roles found in multiplayer gaming, Battlefield One delivers a diverse amount of firepower in a significant way. Along with weapon customization in gun classes the game offers new multiplayer maps, ranging from mountain, city, and forest regions to their online play, ultimately giving more space for the player. Following the vast maps found online, the addition of bayonets are now available to a player providing another killing tool, expanding the arsenal, and displaying older additions on weapons. Different from the classic team death matches found in virtually any first person shooter games, such as Call of Duty, and Halo, Battlefield One offers the new game mode “Conquest” which takes the classic team versus team and adds all elements of warfare found in the campaign of the game, airplanes, tanks, horses, and ground fights with included mortars. Much of the new features provide the player with endless amounts of options as to what game mode they want to play, and how they wish to play it

When Battlefield One was announced to be released on next generation consoles, such as the Xbox 1, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows, many expected that the resolution of the game would fare well in hopes of better visuals. The games visuals have also evolved by including the 4k gaming experience that many had hoped for the game, although certain patches have now seen visual downgrades after completion, next generation consoles have set the standard for how modern games should look and feel to a player. Immense cut scenes and environmental additions of planes and fire are typical in most firefight games, but in Battlefield One most visuals do not change throughout the game.

A games mechanics make the game playable and appeal to the player with how it mixes with player advantages. Core mechanics such as movement and effective transitions in Battlefield One include crouching, lying down, and included effective running that allows for a more modern experienced infused with old military tactics. Online the mechanics may not always work as the game is still young and may require future patches to correct movement. As far as mechanics found in the game, the composition does require some work that can ultimately strengthen the overall experience for gamers who hope for competition, but for such a large game, they exceed the standards for a first person shooter.

Historical accuracy is vital to a game that depicts a past war, with more history being discovered and revitalized; Battlefield One takes as much information and lays it out for players. In the game players are given new ways to play the game introducing new regions within the campaign. Six continents are presented in the campaign, with a significant character in each one. Along with new regions for playing, the weapons follow with it as well as how different attributes apply to certain players. The missions are not long and depending on how fast the player advances in the game, most campaigns can be finished in under an hour. With full completion of the game many aspects of the game are on full display for the player to use, with stunning visuals, advanced mechanics that may need patches to perfect, and a campaign that highlights the accuracy and dread of World War One.

Armed Education

As the United States continues to mature throughout time, several customs in the past have met their ends due to certain circumstances such as; racism, women’s suffrage, and the separation of church and state. Along with these older customs, a majority of people believe that there is still an outlier in society today and that is the access to firearms and the right to carry such weapons. With two sides of this argument, some have argued that a firearm is not a necessity and can become a nuisance, as well as a hazard to the ones around. Although the second amendment states “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” (Bill of rights), others believe that prohibition should be in line for the possession of firearms. Some of these restraints have been activated in certain universities, public places, restaurants, and shopping centers. With the hazards some may say can divide the nation further, others believe that the same can be said about the dangers it may bring the people if firearms are taken away.

As institutions begin to further their rules pertaining to weapons on campus, uproar has been seen from all students. Protest has even followed as some schools have now banned students from carrying firearms on campus, as the student bodies have departed in what should be done about the bans. “Many find the idea of students with guns shocking. They fear that undergraduates are too young to handle firearms responsibly and that the presence of guns will lead to the deadly escalation of minor disagreements.” (Guns of Academe), Adam Winkler expresses his thought on the bans of firearms on college campuses, and describes that it may be for the best to keep weapons off of campus. Others see weapons as a right that should never be questioned and may be the result of having safety for all students on campus as responders may not be fast enough to stop a casualty.

Disputes over open carry laws in public places such as restaurants and shopping centers have been settled and remain to state regulations. In most cases the only offense caused is violating the law and bringing weapons in the restricted areas, but in some instances a firearm can be used as an object of duress in the wrong situation. With harsh situations and several lives at stake, there lies problems with one who is not properly trained or certified to use a firearm, “In 2008, Congress approved the National Instant Criminal Background Check System Improvement Act, which included several measures intended to enhance the transmission of federal and state records to the system and to provide funding to states to assist in the automation and sharing of records with the National Instant Criminal background System.” (Gun Control), this making the transactions for weapons more reliable and articulate (See Figure .1).

(Figure 1.)

There are several arguments that only heighten the controversy that follows open carry laws in and out of public places and schools. Without regulation of weapons there is no telling what damage can be done, although the consequences are heavy someone will always be liable. “A few states go even further and specify that the parents of a minor who brings a weapon to school are liable for their child's actions. Depending on the state jurisdiction, the punishments range from suspension or expulsion to actual imprisonment.” (Gun-Free School laws), holding responsibility over the heads of those with firearms further protects the public. “Several municipal governments, including New Orleans, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco, filed lawsuits against firearm manufacturers and gun dealers to recover medical and legal costs of violent crimes committed with guns.”, by engaging in several lawsuits, the manufacturers are pressed with responsibility over who purchases their products. Open carry on campuses around the United States has mostly seen the other end with firearms being restricted as Adam Winkler states “Even if a student with a gun can use it to defend against a mass murderer, it’s hardly clear that anyone, including the armed student, is made safer. Policemen or other students with guns might not be able to differentiate among gunmen, putting the person defending herself at risk of being shot by mistake. Even well-trained gun owners suffer enormous mental stress in a shootout, making hitting a target extremely difficult.”(The Guns of Academe), this serves as a precaution to not only the campus police but to students who choose to carry weapons on their campus. There is no telling what may be in store later in America’s future, destruction over carrying weapons or by the ones who carry them.

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