3 cool & satisfying experiments

Hi ! My name is Jennifer,today I'm going to be showing you 3 cool and satisfying experiments! So lets get started !


So first here is the ingredients you will need,1.A round plate from the kitchen ,no candy INCLUDED like the picture below.2.Some skittles of your favorite colors.3.Some very warm water.

After you have all ingredients place the skittles in any shape, pour the hot water over & VOILA !

2.how to charge your i phone or phone with out charger!

Items you will need 1.A car adapter for charging 2.A square shaped battery 3. A charger for your device. 4.tape (that is apparently 11 cm )I think. 5.1 key

A car adapter

1.use the tape & attach the key to the car adapter.

2.get the battery& attach it to the battery not making it click just making it touch.

3.attach the charger cord to your phone & the car adapter .

then you will be able to charge YOUR PHONE!


How to get clean water from dirty water!👍

First heres the ingredients 1. Some clean or random peice of cloth2.2 cups 3. some dirty water.

1.Place one of the two cups on the top of a peice of wood .

2. Put the second cup a t the bottom of the ledge ,get the strip of cloth & place it from both cups (make it look like a straw then drip by drip fresh water comes out 😛😀😍



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