Flying in the Grand Canyon

Las Vegas is an amazing city with many different attractions and shows, but nothing can compare to the experience that I had this summer when my father and I took a helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon.

I had never been in a helicopter, so I was a bit nervous, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was suspecting. Initially, we just sat in the helicopter waiting for our pilot as the sun was beating down on us, and I started to feel sick. Thankfully, our pilot got there and the A.C. started blasting. The sick feeling I was getting vanished, and was replaced by excitement for what I was about to experience.

Helicopters in the canyon. Courtesy of favoritesunfl.

The rotors started spinning and we took off. Our flight took us over some pretty cool sights before we even reached the canyon like the Colorado River and the Hoover Dam. When we arrived, to my surprise, we actually landed in the canyon. Nearby were some picnic tables with umbrellas, where we immediately went to take shelter from the boiling heat. The pilot went to the helicopters and pulled out coolers with drinks and food. We sat in the canyon enjoying our drinks and the great view of the magnificent red mountains of solid rock, and listening to the hush of running water through the Colorado River below us.

Our pilot explained to us that we actually were in the Native American controlled part since the US didn't allow flight over or in the canyon. Apparently the helicopter company, Maverick Helicopters, had worked out a deal with the local tribe to allow them to land there.

The Colorado River running through the canyon. Courtesy of kahern.

We didn't stay long, but part of me was thankful that I could get out of sweltering 109 degree weather. We headed home, taking a quicker route this time. We didn’t fly over anything special on our way back, but I was fine with that, as I had already experienced something truly amazing.

If you're in Las Vegas, this is something I would highly recommend you try as it makes experiencing the Grand Canyon more enjoyable. From Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon is about a 3 hour drive but our flight only took 30-40 minutes, making it a much more manageable day trip than driving as you don't have to waste time from your vacation.

It was somewhat frustrating when we got there, the only things they had to eat were very small snack packages, even though we were told that we were going to eat lunch in the canyon. This was particularly upsetting because we didn’t eat breakfast in the morning, as we were planning on having a great lunch, but it was hardly a meal.

One of Maverick Helicopter's fleet of Helicopters. Courtesy of wwarby.

Flying into the Grand Canyon with my father was one of the coolest things I've done in a while. To anyone in Las Vegas wanting to take a day trip to the canyon, I would recommend Maverick Helicopters Grand Canyon tour.

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