23rd Breathless Agony - April 27

Three routes with different climbing options:

2 Pass Option: 45 Miles with 4,400 Feet of Climbing

3 Pass Option: 68 Miles with 7,800 Feet of Climbing

4 Pass Option: 107 Miles with 12,000 Feet of Climbing

4 Pass option is the second Ride in the King of the Mountains Series http://planetultra.com/portfolio/king-of-the-mountains/

Happy smiling faces
Don't fear the reaper!
Sounds hard? But remember....... half of it is DOWNHILL!
So mark your calendar and sign up at https://www.ocwheelmen.org at the lowest price when registration opens Jan 1 2019

OCW is proud to present the 2019 Breathless Agony Ride. It is still part of the King of the Mountains (KOM) series. We are working to maintain the level of excellence you have experienced for many years. And there will be bacon!


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