Family Dinnah

We've always been a family that likes to set the table and eat together. We usually praise whoever did the cooking and share "Best Parts" of our day with each other. Sunday dinners are usually the biggest and best, ample leftover for lunches and snacks. Lately, two of the five Starrs have been livin' la vida loco and although we don't eat together, we still bond over food.

One of the last days of some civilization. Joey had dominoes and a mint chocolate chip f'real shake.

Jorilla's took his homesickness and tapped into a family staple, nachos with Maria's homemade salsa.

Meanwhile, Sophia and her BFF Davea made hamburgers, panko onion rings and a great salad.

Joe's next idea was a many day roast, the kind that changes everyday. This was roast night with lunch being BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. He seared the roast on the grill and then placed it in a slow cooker he found at the loft he was staying at.

Betty made popcorn chicken and spiral mac and cheese. She also made me a salad with appetizer of cold cuts and cheese 😍
Although it doesn't look like the most appetizing, when Joey was served this, it was comforting. Spam and rice is an errrday kinda thing on this island. A little bit of home, far away.
Burgers and BLT's for the kids and pastrami for me at Kandi's drive in.
While Joe ate the last of his barbecue pork, he worked on a Thai soup with the pork dripping.
During rainy days, having this warm, fresh soup was perfect.
I spent a couple of days under the weather. Betty Girl made Tofu Soup with pork meatballs. The clean broth was soothing to my throat and tummy,

We are still missing the Boy but Jorilla is home. We've been bombarded by desserts this week, 300 cookies and two cakes.

Tomorrow is Sunday dinner and I have no idea what's on the menu yet considering Friday night meal was fantastic. Sophia and Davea made us savory, juicy pork chops, herb mashed potatoes and garlic butter spinach. Each bite was full of flavor and complemented each other. We talked about best parts and praised the girls for their skills, like we always do. ♥️

Lastly, our Betty Girl had been craving yogurt. While Weezy was getting fitted for her braces we took Betty to get her cup...which turned out to be mostly goodies.

I wish Blue had some home cooked food but I'm grateful that every one knows how to make amazing food. When we do get to feed him, there will be no shortage of cooks.

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