Indoor provision Learning through play

The children have had lots of opportunities to practice their mark making skills. They have used various different media and tools to help their pencil control.
The children have been developing their creative skills using the musical instruments. They have been using their imagination to create pictures using lots of different media including glitter, pipe cleaners, pom poms and cardboard boxes. A firm favourite with the children is playdough, they love it.
The children have lots of fun re-creating their own experiences in the role play area.
The Squirrel Lodge children have been busy building their own structures, we have had walls, garages for the cars and houses for the small world animals. They love to see how tall they can make their towers. We had lots of fun building a bus using the crates and steering wheels.
The children have been practising their numeracy skills by sorting the compare bears into size and colour order. They have been filling and emptying the buckets in the sand tray and counting the coloured balls in the water tray. The children have also been focusing on recognising numbers 1-10.
We love books in Squirrel Lodge and so do the children. They have especially enjoyed The Gruffalo and Going on a Bear Hunt.
Another favourite with the children ‘messy, sensory play’. The children love exploring the different textures of shaving foam, slime and gloop.
In Squirrel lodge we encourage the children to use ICT. Some of the children have been taking their own pictures around the setting using the camera (you can probably guess which pictures the children have took). The children also have the opportunity to use the iPads, this term they have been using a new program we use called Purple Mash. Purple mash lets the children choose age appropriate activities such as drawing and jigsaws.
Making cakes and decorating biscuits. All of the children love to try new foods, and we regularly try fruits and vegetables that some of children might not eat everyday such as, peppers, celery, snap peas, blueberries and melon.

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