Book: "Behind The Beautiful Forevers"

Written by: Katherine Boo

Page Count: 256

In this novel written by Katherine Boo, the author spent 3 years documenting everything she picked up from her trip in Mumbai. From the start, I saw glimpses of what the life was like in the population of Mumbai, poverty, disease, hunger, and violence are all elements they faced. As the story progresses, I get a more in-depth view into the lifestyle, and how some of the people juggle daily life. For example, there are numeruous chracters but the key characters of this book are Sunil, Abdul, Fatima, and Asha, each and everyone of them possess diverse characteristics and personalities. Sunil, is a short orphan that is a garbage picker, Abdul, mid teens also a garbage picker, that provide for the family, after his father got ill. Fatima, one legged depressed lady, Asha who is trying to become rich and gain respect of everyone.

One of the things I picked up from this text is our life is far more superior than the life in Mumbai. From, the very beginning, we see young kids out working and providing for their families. As the story progresses, many of the kids are tackling things that many of us do not have to worry about, such as working hard jobs, taking the father role during teenage years.

"Midnight was closing in, the one legged women was grievously burned..."(Boo ix).

"Because the family lacked the floor space for all of its members to lie down, Abdul was asleep on the gritty maidan, which for years had passed as his bed" (Boo 3).

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