Lesson 4 Vocabulary Words Brianna mccaffeRy

Circumference:The length of a line that goes around something or that makes a circle or other round shape.

These are some examples

Circumnavigate: to sail completely around.

Do you think this boat can circumnavigate all the way to Hawaii?

Circumscribe: to determine limits, restrict.

Can you circumscribe the number of stars in this picture?

Circumspect: a heed of circumstances around oneself.

Jesus always circumspects us and helps us when we are in bad circumstances.

Circumstance: the condition around or affecting an event.

In all my circumstances, God gives me strength to help me get through it.

Circumvent: avoid by going around.

An ant pile is an example of something I would circumvent.

Circumsolar: revolving around the sun.

The earth is circumsolar because it moves around the sun.

Circumlunar: revolving around the moon.

I wonder what things are circumlunar?

Circumterrestrial: revolving around the earth.

The moon is circumterrestr- ial because It rotates around the earth.

Circumpolar: in a region around the North or South Pole.

The island of Greenland is a circumpolar rEgion.

Compassion: sympathy and willingness to help.

Jesus showed coMpassion To all the people of the world by dying on the cross for us.

Composure: calmness

When everything is going crazy, you just have to act with composure and just breathe.

Encountered: met unexpectedly.

In World War II, the Japanese were soon encountered by the United States.

Spontaneous: unplanned.

Camping near this area would be a very spontaneous idea.


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