The Air Purifier The mask that CouLd save your life

Looks like a gas mask but we've completely redesigned it but it's so much more than that after 100+ trials of failure we finally got it now we are presenting it to the people after this we hope you consider buying one!

There are two types of masks you can have we have the customizable mask where you could add flowers to where the mask receives the polluted air or just add more gadgets like if you wanted a neon blue techno style mask we coukd definitely so that but If that's to flashy you could have the original technology like a regular mask that would seem "normal" to other people but they range from 30-100$ depending on what you want.

30.00$ the original mask - if you don't want to look flashy

55.00$ The Techno mask - the one with neon blue lights that are visible at night

79.00$ The Sunshine Mask -the one with fliters that look like flowers

We've had many doctors comfirm that our Purifier should be at the top of the market. those paper masks don't help anymore these new designed mask can be used up to 24 hours if charged correctly we use eco-friendly materials so we can ensure it's safe Just listen to our costumers!.

Our Amazing doctors that have encouraged us to make this whole thing possible.

Kono Emma a mother of three says " I feel safer with the Purifier, my kids aren't getting as sick as they used to be anymore, I'm full of joy because of the Purifier!"

Matano Kuroshi says "For how affordable it was, it worked!"

The famous female Japanese actor Maaya Sakamoto says " I feel that this product will change the future of Japan and China for the better, it's even helped my family, I hope you get this product for your safety and the ones you love."

Get one online at

We ship overseas and free shipping if you buy more than 2!

Disclaimer if you are not happy with your product contact our costumer service we have all languages available for your service and a opackage of goodies will be given to you or a refund if we have received the package correctly as within the 30 day notice

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