Common Invasive Birds of San Antonio

A European Starling picks up a grub to eat at Woodlawn Lake Park
A House Sparrow with it lunch at Woodlawn Lake Park
Cattle Egret in its nesting area in Brackenridge Park
Mute Swans gliding on the surface of the lake at Converse North Park
House Finches eating seeds in Mud Creek Park
European Collared Dove in a tree at Wheeler Park
A Monk Parakeet stands on a powerline in front of its nest.
Egyptian Geese along the San Antonio Riverwalk's Mission Reach
Male House Finch feeding along the Salado Creek Greenway Trail.
The area along the San Antonio Riverwalk's Museum Reach is popular with Pigeons because of the amount of food they can find there.
Created By
Chris Belcher


Photos by Chris Belcher