Gateway Rehab Exclusive Detoxification Services

An 18 bed upscale, confidential, exclusive and client- driven, medical detoxification center, designed and operated by a board certified Psychiatrist, an ASAM licensed administrator and a nationally and fully accredited staff of state licensed professionals. We are the people that " those people" turn to when they're in trouble!

Michael Melichar ASAM

OMichael Melchar, a licensed and board tested 8 year ASAM member in good standing, State licensed since 1994, and an unquestioned leader in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services field. Mr Melichar has personally designed and crafted every medical detox protocol, the complete Gateway policies and procedures utilzed by GTR Inc. Detox Center, and assembled the finest collection of program, financial, administrative and addiction medicine professional available to anyone affected by the disease of addiction. ( see LinkedIn/Profile and ASAM/Profile)

Utilizing the country wide and nationally preferred " Best Practices" method of selecting and implementing all treatment protocols and delivery services while earning the JCAHO "Gold Seal" accreditation status upon opening, GTR is based upon a long history of superior client care and impeccable services delivery. We are a nationally recognized center with an accumulated 100 plus years of addiction treatment administrative and client care leadership. 48,987 clients over 23years can't all be wrong! Join our alumni cookouts or aftercare group sessions as our guest before co,mitimg to any other facility. We are the best, we will make you comfortable and onpy then will we titrate you down to " cle an" status. Everyone is different and there're has a unique protocol. We adjust, treat, and refine your process. You will leave our cener happy joyous and free..... we give you our word.

Are you overwhelmed, sick, exhausted, alienated and you can see absolutely no hope? No way out? Well, that's why we are here! We will comfortably and medically titrate you down from active addiction to a point where the future is once again full of hope and possibilities! Change is not only possible - it's the Gateway way of life!! We are the gold standard in medical detox operations. We understand and have created ansafe, comfortable and dignified answer to the darkness and despair consuming your life. Mending fences, reuniting families, saving careers, and restoring health isn't just a dream or a miracle- it's what we do on a regular basis. With a unique family, legal, financial and EAP support department that reconciles Patient's with their loved ones and employers while saving seemingly destroyed relationships, we will reunite you with the vital connections that are essential to your continued sobriety. We are team based facility from top to bottom.

Returning home to a compromised lifestyle without intergrating your loved ones into the education and support that they too require for your continued recovery is the typical 7- 10 day present detox model and the statistics for success are devastingly poor. Unless the home, family and work systems are addressed you will be in recovery alone, still alienated and without the support, caring and mutual cooperation that effective addiction treatment requires to overcome. Let us clear the damage, shine light down that dark road, and educate and support your loved ones. We have night, day and weekend intensive tracts designed to support their struggles and concerns, enkabling you to concentrate on you, to ease your re-entry into your home life, without resentments, bitterness, blaming and the dozens of land mines you'll be tip toeing upon your return to the " outside world" We treat families- no one becomes addicted in a vacuum. Everyone involved needs support- Gateway excels in this area. Let us help!!!i we ar e the industries gold standard!!!!!

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Michael Melichar ASAM

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