PredICTioneering Hudson Holdich -

Task 1 - Youtube edited video

Create a Youtube Edited Video. My video is based on Cars Driving

Task 2 - Adobe spark video

Create Adobe Spark Video. This video is based of my trip to Canada and Hawaii

Task 3 - Adobe spark video

Create an Adobe Spark Post, Quote By Abraham Lincoln.

Task 4 - Athletics video

Adobe premier pro video using footage from athletics carnival


Task 5 - Stop motion video

Create a stop motion video for about 5 seconds


Task 6 - Design Thinking


Tennis, Guitar, all things climbing. I like using technology but i like physical work even more. Remote Control anything.


My laptop, iPhone, iPad, Guitar, Tennis racquet, Drones


Computer, Phone, physical work, film making, machines.


Im passionate for Guitar, Tennis, some of my belongings, and my friends. And Remote control things, helping younger people.


Interest: Guitar | Materials: My Laptop | Tools: Physical Work | Passion: Helping younger people


A Video Guitar tutorial series

Task 7 - Documenting proposed project

My Proposal is to Create about 2-3 video lesson about the basics of Guitar, and how to start playing before you take lessons.


Task 8 - Checkpoint 1: Start of Project

1. Im gonna start by writing the script for the videos so that i know what to say in my videos

2. I need my computer to show the script, edit and film me, also i need my guitar during filming.

3. I Dont need anyone to help me as all i do is film myself talking to the camera about guitars

4. I found filming hard, remembering the script, and making the video suitable for musitions to learn on.

Task 9 - Checkpoint 2: Mid Section

1. Its going great, im about halfway through editing my second video

2. This project is easier that i thought

3. It has been hard filming and making the video good for guitar players to learn on

4. I plan to film in the music room again for the final product. The next video is about more Chords, also revision on the last chords + songs


Task 10 - Checkpoint 3: Draft Project

1. The Project is going great, Ive finished my first two videos, and im gonna start my third as soon as possible

2. It has been easy, filming and editing this series

3. Nothing really has been hard, to count something, it would be gathering the sources, pictures, links and videos in the final product

4. i need to finish the last video as soon as possible


Final Checkpoint

1. I have handed in my draft projects of my guitar tutorial series

2. My feedback was, i should make video 1 in a studio, i should change the lighting to make me look more powerful, also look at the camera to make it look like i am talking to the person viewing

3. I have decided to re film video 1 with all of these changes.

Task 11 - Final Project

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 1 (again):

Task 12 - Reflection on project development

Video 1: the production of this project was easy. I sat in my room with my guitar on my lap and set up two cameras, one facing me and the other facing the guitar frets. I then filmed and said what i wrote on my script, and used my guitar as a guide

Video 2: this one was an unexpected one, as i filmed it during class time. I asked my technology teacher (Mr Wolduis), and the music teacher (Mr Orenstein/Fuller) if i could film this video in the studio and it ended up working well.

Video 3: This project was the exact same as video 2. During class time i moved to the music studio and filmed in there.

Video 1 (again): Just like video 2,3, i recorded in the music studio during class time. But this time, i filmed in a different part of the music studio, so that video 2 can make sense.

1. All my videos ended up very well made, and they are ready for presenting

2. I was surprised about how these videos have ended up

3. I am proud of being able to do a task i thought i would never do

4. My project would have been better if had better sound, quality, and filming standards

5. I Have learned the qualities, difficulties and responsibilities of creating a video.

All Tasks

Task 1: Create a YouTube edited video (3 marks) = Complete

Task 2: Create an Adobe Spark Video (3 marks) = Complete

Task 3: Create an Adobe Spark Post (3 marks) = Complete

Task 4: Create a video using Adobe Premiere Clip (3 marks) = Complete

Task 5: Create a Stop Motion video (3 marks) = Complete

Task 6: Go through and document the design thinking process (3 marks) = Complete

Task 7: Document your proposed project (3 marks) = Complete

Task 8: Checkpoint 1 - Document the start of your project (4 marks) = Complete

Task 9: Checkpoint 2 - Document the mid section of your project (4 marks) = Complete

Task 10: Checkpoint 3 - Draft Project (3 marks) = Complete

Task 11: Final Project (12 marks) = Complete

Task 12: Reflection on your project development (3 marks) = Complete

Task 13: Completed Adobe Spark Page, including all of the above, formatted appropriately. (3 marks) = Complete

Total: out of 50

By Hudson Holdich
Created By
Hudson Holdich


All Photos are found on google 'Google Material Design Wallpaper'

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