Student Council Frontier Middle School, Eagle Mountain, 2020-2021

Frontier Middle School is proud to be presented in Student Government by our fantastic Student Council. Throughout the year new activities and events will be announced, shown, and discussed here on this page. Return often to see our updates!

Neon Nite is an end of year event that Frontier is holding to finish out 2021. Please invite everyone you know and come have some fun on May 7th at 7:00 P.M.!

Our Student Store Has Store Has Been Expanding All Year! We Hope To Introduce More and More Products Next Year Along With A Full Catalog!

If you want to help us please feel free to donate to our cause using Alpine Foundation. Be sure to send it Mr. Grannis our team advisor.

Starting next year, we will be having representatives from every advisory meet twice a month to hear ideas and to spread the word. Below we will have surveys that students can vote in to make new decisions for the school.

Frontier Tea Time has been a great new addition in a way to build connections with the student body. If there are any topics you would like us to talk about, please feel free to submit the form below. If not follow the link above to our page holding previous videos.

Meet Our Crew!

In order from top left to bottom right: Asher Terry, Ashley Gagnier, Autumn Cameron, Benton Jones, Charlotte Moody, Chase Jensen, Cleora Smith, Covelli Moore, Hailee Forsgren, Kaori Inzunza, Lauren Mckell, Morgan Staley, Samantha Pehrson, Sara Thompson, Sofie Taylor, Tia Soakai, Clara Cook, and Detmer Murdock.

Frontier Student Council Team 2020-2021
Created By
Matthew Grannis


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