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Improper industrial waste disposals (such as petroleum refining wastes) and other industrial effluents pollute water bodies such as rivers and coastal waters including Mediterranean Sea.


Land degradation (the gradual deterioration of the land caused mainly by soil erosion resulting from farming of marginal areas, overgrazing destruction of vegetation, industrial and agricultural runoffs


At Least 74 bodies of african migrants have washed ashore in western libya, The libyan red crescent said tuesday the latest tragedy at sea.


A diplomatic rift between Turkey and key European nations deepend Sunday as president Recep tayyip erdogan accused Germany of "Nazi practices."


Rival Kurdish groups clashed in Iraq's northwestern Sinjar region on Friday, two kurdish security sources said. The deadly fighting erupted when peshmerga Rojava forces moved towards.


Pakistan's military has warned Donald Trump's new generals that they face a "total mess" in Afghanistan unless America and Britain can halt the advanced of isil and the taliban.


Student pleads for VISA to complete to complete AL-Quran Studies in Egypt from Malaysia.


Two transgender person, both natives of khyber-pakhtunkhwa died on tuesday after being subjected to torture allegedly by saudi police.



Created with images by LoggaWiggler - "citadel hill amman jordan" • Magharebia - "110109 Algeria slashes food prices amid riots | الجزائر تخفض أسعار المواد الغذائية وسط الاحتجاجات | L'Algérie baisse les prix alimentaires sur fond d'émeutes 06" • Toufik Medjahed - "_MG_1546_HDR" • carlosfpardo - "Marrakesh 2013 10_3" • dave massie - "PB130260" • D-Stanley - "Market in Tripoli" • Magharebia - "110314 Pro-Kadhafi forces clear rebel positions | قوات القذافي تستهدف مواقع المعارضة | Les forces pro-Kadhafi reprennent les positions des rebelles 01" • Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho - "İstiklal Caddesi" • Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho - "Grand Bazaar Istanbul" • DVIDSHUB - "5th IA soldiers clear a room [Image 3 of 3]" • DVIDSHUB - "Oregon National Guard Soldiers Continue Operations" • ArmyAmber - "soldiers military uniform" • DVIDSHUB - "3/3 Honors Fallen Marine in Afghanistan" • Человек с Урала - "Egypt" • D-Stanley - "Mosque of Sayyidna al-Hussein" • Bzawawi - "Mosque in Madina, Saudi Arabia"

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