Judaism Survival in Rome and Failure to Adapt Terrance Lewis Jr.

The beginning of Judaism, 1812 B.C., during the Bronze age.

There was covenant between God and Abraham who is known as the father, founder and prophet of the Canaan people. The story is told that god gives the land of Canaan to Abraham for he would be remembered as a blessing. With the promise to give the land to his grandchildren that would be the blessing unto him. This land would become the land of Israel or "The Promise Land".

The people of Israel are known as the gentiles or Jews. The religion, Judaism, is monotheistic in order to become apart you need conversion. Another prominent figure in Judaism is Moses the prophet who freed the Jews from egypt.

Many know the Shield of David to be the symbolism of Jewish people. It is, but this Shield or Star of David is considered a modern symbol. Ancient Judaism knows the oldest symbol being the Menorah and Shofar. The Menorah which symbols the bush seen by moses, and the Shofar an instrument blown to the Jubilee year, war, and at the new moon.

Judaism biblical reference is the Holy Book or the Torah (the first five books of the bible). Mount Sinai also a major religious place for the Jews or Moses. (Where he was given the Ten Commandments) The Talmud Jewish writings and Halakha, which are the religious laws that play a keynote in the policies of Judea while under Roman rule.

The religion was organized by three sects known as Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes. Later in the year 6 A.D. the Zealots would be found by Judas of Galilee. The Pharisees were scholars, represented the common people, also law abiding and the Sadducees are the first known and hold most of the traditional Judaism and laws under the aristocrat, oracles in the sects. People in these groups are also called rabbis. (Which the Jews believe Jesus was because he did not meet the criteria of the Messiah in the Bible) Paul was Pharisees before conversion to Christianity, and Josephus born (Titus Flavius Josephus), who was Sadducees before becoming Pharisees, a Romano - Jewish scholar who wrote perpetually of the Jewish.

Pharisees often came to question Jesus and were very skeptical of him being the Messiah. In fact the only reason known the Pharisees and Sadducees unite was to put Jesus to death.

The Essenes were the devoted to righteousness, they did everything in agreement with each other. They also believed that the others sects had corrupted the city and Temple. Which then the Essenes moved out of Jerusalem and into the desert where they lived monastically. What makes them the intriguing sect, is that they would go into the mountains with scripts and teachings, the most valued of the Old Testaments that are used today were found. The Dead Sea Scrolls are also assumed to be edited by the Essenes. They considered themselves to be separate people because of the knowledge they held within.

The spread of the religion was forced because the Jews were diligent with their religion. They had a devotion to one God that was not scene by the Romans. If at any time the Jews were exiled their religion would follow them. "The Romans referred to the Jews as porcupines. Just as a porcupine is an animal that even great predators avoid, so too the Jews. Even if you ate it you would be sorry." Although the Jews were not military practitioners nor politicians, it was their religion morality that separate them. When Pompey the Great came to Jerusalem he was utterly respective of the place. Caesar advocate to Jews is assassinated, it's shortly after in 44 B.C., when Rome is now among Judaism under Augustus. At the same time Judea was being taken into Roman province.

The highest exalt of Judaism was would be under Augustus. There were even two synagogues that were built in Rome by Jewish slaves under the Claudian. At this time period 27 B.C. to 14 C.E. the Jews were at ease in Rome free to practice their religion and become citizens of Rome, in fact they were. Judea was still under Roman rule and August appointed Herod the Great as King of Judea, while he continued the expansion of Rome. The Zealots the fourth sect of Judaism would be founded under the Augustus.

The Zealots were very radical and vehement, they have the most uproaring spirit of denying oppression and defying Roman rule. (By 66 A.D., They had a large component of Jews and they go to the extreme against the Roman oppressors, initiating a long courageous war but that finally ended with the inevitable Roman victory and the desolation of the Second Temple). By A.D. 70 Jerusalem would fall.

Thousands of Jews were dispersed by slavery, diaspora and death.

Shamaya who was a leader of Pharisees during the 1st century B.C. said "Hate power and do not make yourself known to the government.” In other words, keep a low profile, because what is destroying the Jewish people is the lust for power, as demonstrated by its political leaders."

Avtalyon a beloved oracle that used his influence to welcome people and spread Judaism said (ibid. 1:11): "Rabbis, be careful with your words. Perhaps you will be exiled…. Rabbis, he warned, do not make statements on political matters. Your words will become known to the ruling power, you will be sent into exile and your disciples with be leaderless and come to ruin."

Judaism in the Roman Empire is not a thorough adoption for an Abrahamic religion that has laws of one God. Even though it left Rome with the birth of Christianity it left Judaism adulterated. The Sadducees were heavily influenced by Romans and the Pharisees by the Greeks and Persians. Along with politics and power, not to mention the foretelling of Rome Judaism survival could only leave with the origin of its religion by giving Rome the word of God. Which would continue to grow throughout the Rome even if it was used in the wrong way.

63 (BCE) - The Roman Conquest
37 (BCE) - Herod The Great
(41-44 CE) - Agrippa I
(70 CE) - The Destruction of Jerusalem
(132 - 135 CE) - The Bar-Kokhba Revolt


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