Robert Carter Discrimination

Illustrated Portrait of Robert Carter

Robert Carter is a Canadian free-lance illustrator. He was born in England, although he only live there for a short time. He later moved to Ontario, Canada. He studied Art and Illustration at Sheridan College School of Art and Animation, in Oakville. Robert transferred his oil painting skills to the digital painting skills, he now has an account on Deviant Art in which he posts more of his work.

The digital painting I choose of Carter's, is titled "Discrimination" and it can be view below. Take the time to view the image. Ask yourself some key questions. For instance when examining art, you should question how it makes you feel, how it relates to you or something surrounding you, and simply putting down barriers created by agency (external influence) to allow the artists message to truly resinate with the viewer.

"Discrimination" by Robert Carter

At first glance, this painting appears as a child's toy with many blocks sitting around it, and one white triangular block in the box. Before the title is attached to the art, there would be a minimal association that this painting is related to a serious social issue. This image (in my personal interpretation) is based on race. Every colour and shape were chosen deliberately by the artist. The star is yellow, and yellow is the term given to people of Asian decent. Although yellow is not truly a skin colour (unless the individual has jaundice), the idea of skin colour is not far fetched. Different skin tones are achieved through the level of melanin in the skin that creates a large variation of pigment. However, the idea of isolating, abusing, or excluding one (or many) individual(s) is considered inappropriate by many, including myself.

This image is powerful as it is an immature representation of discrimination through the use of a child's toy. I feel that this painting displays even more meaning since it shows a child's toy. Racism, specifically, is not a genetic trait. To discriminate against another human being for whatever reason (sexuality, gender, race, class, age, etc.) is always a learned behaviour. It is so important to share this work, mainly to keep the discussion going. If we ignore this issue it will continue to happen. We have come a long way since the days of racial segregation but we still have a lot of work to do. The brave work of artists such as Robert Carter is so important in fighting discrimination. Sharing work like his and the work of other artistic social activists will continue to prove to people that a message can be delivered without using any text. Art allows for an array of interpretations and can lead to endless discussion. Carter's work, "Discrimination", does just that.

Robert currently lives and works as a professional freelance illustrator in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Some of his clients include, Harvard University Press, Scholastic Inc., Penguin Publishing, West Jet Airlines, and LA Times.

Digital Paintings by Robert Carter

More of Robert's work can be viewed at &


Carter, R. Discrimination. 2007. Deviant Art, Accessed 8 February 2017.

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