Abuse By:Evelyn R.

Source 1: Federal agencies again urge halt to Dakota pipeline apposed by tribe"

"Actress Shaile Woodley was arreste Monday while participation in protest."

"A total of 27 people were arrested,Sheriff's Department spokesman Rob Keller told."

"Hower , a federal appeals court an Sunday reject the tribe's request."

On page 63:"but there were a few at those Reorder boys the big jocks,who paid special attention to me. None of those goys punched me or got violent after all i was a reservation indian ,and no matter how geeky and weak i appeared to be,I was still a potential killer.So mostly they called me names.Lost of names."

Source 2: Standing Rock tribe claims history after decisions on Dakota access pipeline.

"Members of the tribe and others argued the project would threaten the tribe's water source and cultural sites."

"Authorities moved a blockade from the north and of the backwater Bridge with be conditions that protesters stay south of it and come there only if there is a planned meeting."

"The North Dakota authorities criticize this decision. Governor Jack Dalrymple described it as a "severe error" that "prolongs the dangerous situation"

On page 35: "We weren't trying to kill Indian people . We were trying to kill Indian culture"

Source 3: More schools seeing new curriculum, funding that favor Native Americans.

"The differences start early. More than half of 3- and 4-year-old Native American childrenare not enrolled in preschool, the report found."

"The report also showed Native American students are most likely to have unemployed parents. Thirty-six percent live in poverty, compared to the national average of 22 percent."

"Students attending Wellpinit schools in Washington often don't have Internet at home or a reliable way of getting to school, educators say."

On page 195: " I knew that none them was going to college. Not one of them"


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