Knuckle Sandwich BEST BURGERS EVER

Started in 1947 in New York by founder Bob Hitouto with one idea in mind, to bring the best tasting burgers across the nation. We have 14 locations now and we are beginning to expand. Now with locations in North Carolina,California,Florida and Washington. Soon coming to Milwaukee,Wisconsin

Our original location

Are burgers Are far ranging for size and taste But are best seller the American classic contains 100% grass fed angus beef, 2 pickles , lettuce, mustard, cheese and two tomatoes. We have sold 1 million nationwide.

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About the CEO: Bob Hitouto Is a Man from Brooklyn, NewYork, Some of his interests were Fighting and food. He would Come home from school everyday and get abused by his father for getting in trouble so much. At the age of 13 he was kicked out. He lived on the streets for ten years until one lottery ticket would change every thing. With the money he would purchase small building turning it into a large franchise. After his death,his son continued his large business expanding by the minute.



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