Blood & Sand We visit after Chef Josh Charles takes over

Where'd we go?

Blood & Sand is a members-only restaurant in downtown St. Louis. It occupies the space on St. Charles that once housed the Red Moon. We have visited before and had a great time, but one of our favorite local chefs, Chef Josh Charles, has taken over and made it his own.

Awesome Bar Program, Morty...

What'd we eat?

We were presented with a four course menu plus desserts, not to mention some awesome cocktails. Scroll down to see what we had.

Tater Tots

Crispy on the outside and as creamy as mashed potatoes. Seriously delicious bites of potatoey goodness. These were present before Chef Charles arrived at Blood & Sand and they've gotten even better since. A fine example of a simple food made great.

Snow Crab Arancini

Another classic dish found at many restaurants given an extra little kick. The addition of crab makes for a delightful little meal.

Tuna Poke

Many places offer a Tuna Poke these days, but this one has to be the best we've ever had. Perfectly light but also full of flavor. The awesome presentation makes for a fine dining experience.

Squid Ink Pasta

Classic Italian fare made even better with turnip blossoms and fish roe. The lump crab meat adds fullness to this dish without overpowering the noodles.

Cuttlefish Tacos

Not served on the best tortilla possible, but Chef Charles informed us they are still working on that part. Still, the cuttlefish was scrumptious and lightly breaded and the slaw on top was bright and perfectly complemented the cuttlefish.


Food as art. A feast for the eyes and the palate. The scallops were perfectly cooked and all the veggies were fresh and flavorful. An utter delight to eat and one of the best looking dishes we've seen in a long time.

PassionFruit Sorbet

So much flavor hidden into a small package. This was an amuse bouche but we would gladly purchase it outright for dessert. An amazing flavor with just the right amount of sweetness.

Banana Split

Deconstructed desserts are a bit of the rage these days. We generally do not know how to best react to these edible miniature civilizations except to eat them like we're Godzilla destroying Tokyo. Lots of good flavor and whimsy in this dish.

Lemon Curd

Charlie likes lemon curd. It's no secret. He's been known to eat a jar of it in one setting. He also loves blueberries. You put the two together and you have something he'd eat everyday if he could.

So that was our experience visiting Blood & Sand! We also got some awesome cocktails! We'll post more about their bar program at a later time. Until then:

Eat and love well,

- Christine & Charlie

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